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Connected to the rest of the globe

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

SABI will not be in isolation. As one of the official partners of Global BioImaging (GBI) we will have support and collaboration opportunities from imaging scientists from all parts of the world. Some well-established communities, such as Eurobioimaging is also very excited to collaborate with SABI and support our growth.

SABI is also working closely together with the African BioImaging Consortium (ABIC) and a number of SABI community members are active members of ABIC too. Through connection with these communities, in Africa and abroad, we can take bioimaging to the next level.

The 2023 Global Bioimaging Exchange of Experience meeting, a community meeting for all members around the globe, will be in South Africa later next year. More information on this event will also be shared here on our website.



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